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Before and After Photos

***We are in the process of adding a new system that will allow patients to view before and after images. This sytem will require you email us, and you will be sent a special code to open the system and view the images. Please note that you will not recieve emails from us for any other reason, unless requested by you. Until then, please pardon our dust as we make the move.***


Body Contouring

Arm Lifts        Buttocks Lifts        Contour After massive weight loss

        Liposuctions        Thigh Lifts        Tummy Tucks

Breast Enhancements


Breast Enlargements        Breast Lifts        Breast Reductions    Nipple Enhancement

       Remove and Replace Implants

Breast Asymmetry        Breast Reconstruction        Mastecomy Revision        
Nipple Reconstruction

Facial Sculpting
Brow Lifts    Cheek-Chin Procedures    Ear Pinnings    Eyelid Surgery Procedures

Face Lifts    Lip Enhancements     Neck Lifts    Nose Surgeries    Scar Repair-Revisions

Breast Reductions    Ear Reshapings    Eyelid Surgeries    Face Lifts

 Liposuction Procedures

    Neck Lifts    Nose Surgeries    Tummy Tucks

Before & After photographs shown on this website are of actual patients who have given permission to have their photo published. They are for illustrative purposes only and have not been manipulated in anyway. Individual results vary. Reputable surgeons, like Dr. Brill, do not guarantee outcomes and no prediction of outcome is implied. Individual healing characteristics and unexpected complications can affect the outcome of any surgery.

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